Incremental Self-Government

Self-Government is a way for Katzie to exercise its inherent right to self-government and self-determination and a form of reconciliation. It supports the Katzie community in achieving greater autonomy over the control and management of land, resources, programs, and policies, while also working to reaffirm the inherent rights and title of the Nation.

Currently, Katzie is working with the provincial and federal government to develop a new, incremental approach to achieving Katzie’s form of self-government. Under this new process, Katzie will not develop a large, complicated treaty document. Instead, Katzie will negotiate a series of separate agreements with Provincial and Federal agencies, which, if considered together, could constitute a legal binding and constitutionally protected self-government agreement. These separate agreements will be based on the Nation’s priorities, values, and capacity. If the Nation decides not to amalgamate these individual agreements into a constitutionally protected document, these agreements will remain in place and will continue to benefit the nation.